Summer 2015

Table of Contents



Sara Renee Marshall
from To Be New for the Empire

Hope Johnson
Brown Sugar Grits / Trashed Lines Collected

Chad Davidson
The Problem with Writing

Dan Rosenberg
Scoured Twelve Accounts to No Account

Molly Faerber
Those Ghosts Don't Live Here Anymore

Shira Dentz
Eva 1 & Eva 2

Loose Change Reviews:
Melanie Jordan’s Hallelujah for the Ghosties

Loose Change Interviews:
Melanie Jordan

Emma Ignaszewski
Photographs from Plastic Constellation

Elyse Mele
How Like Friendship

Andy Frazee
from Things You’ll Need
You will need a panic room, a butterfly, pins, tweezers, and an EKG machine.
You will need pipes or rope, empty soda or milk bottles, jellybeans, soil, plants, caterpillars,
butterflies, and rope or clay.
You will need cherry wood, scissors, glue, and ribbon. (Joseph Cornell)
You will need tongs, gruel, and a fledgling starling.

Kate Schapira
Worst Practices

Jenny Sadre-Orafai
How Much Gospel

Davy Knittle
clown fish cake
first lesson is rather like a map
upswing set

Loose Change Interviews:
Adam Robinson

Lauren Neefe
Master Letter (Ophelia)
Versus (Lesende)

Susan Scutti
Told to a Stranger Far from Where You Live (My birth certificate)
Told to a Stranger Far from Where You Live (Clouds pass briefly)

Jaclyn Watterson
Yes, Chemistry

Jared Joseph
Poem of el Cidy/Cidyscape

Emily Carr
In The Time of Combines & Luck